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Welcome! Great you found me.

I am Pete, Certified Shamanic and Conscious Connected Breathwork instructor and Reiki Healer.

If you are looking for more clarity, peace of mind and feeling more connected to yourself and your surroundings then this ancient shamanic breathwork practice is for you.


Awake your inner self

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful transformational journey to help you awake your inner self through the power of the breath, to explore parts of your mind and to reconnect with your body.

Re-connect with yourself

Shamanic breathing can help release dysfunctional patterns so that you can begin to regain a peaceful mind and re-discover the magic of who you truly are. Empowerment through these ancient traditional breathing patterns can help bring wholeness and healing back into your life.


1-2-1 Breathwork

Using different breath rhythms, this shamanic breathwork session can help you break apart and transform past negative experiences and unhealthy routines and leave you feeling more empowered and focused.


Online: €50 (90mins)

In person: €70 (90mins)


Group Breathwork

Perfect for staff development and team building, this class teaches mindfulness, increases energy, and builds morale in a time-efficient way where employees can acquire techniques to deal successfully with stress and better focus.

In person: €20pp (90mins)


1-2-1 Reiki

Reiki unblocks stagnant energy and allows healing energy to flow freely throughout your body, resulting in relaxation and reduced pain and tension. It also helps reduce stress and fatigue and boosts your mood.

In person: €50 (60mins)

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When the breath wanders, the mind also is unsteady.


Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Your breathing questions answered

What is breathwork?

Simply, it’s conscious breathing. Like yoga, breathwork can refer to many different ancient and scientific forms, lineages and rhythms of breathing. Each one is created to have different effects on your body and mind. Breathwork can be calming, activating or healing, depending on the style behind the practice. Through this natural healing technique, we can learn to control our emotions, detoxify our body and mind, regulate our moods and release any stuck energy.

What style do I teach?

I am qualified to facilitate conscious connected breathwork healing which can include a number of different breathing modalities such as rebirthing, holotropic and shamanic techniques. I am also a fully certified Reiki master.

What can I expect from a breathwork session?

We are all different and so will be your experience with breathwork. This practice will help you delve deeper into yourself and re-discover your own heart's wisdom. Some experiences may be physical, some emotional and some spiritual and even transformational for you. The important thing is you are in control throughout the session. Physical feelings may include changes in body temperature or tingling as well as something known as ‘tetany’ which is when we experience cramping most commonly in the feet, hands and fingers. It occurs due to a combination of lower Co2 levels and a rise in blood pH levels. On a more spiritual note, it can often happen when the body needs to let go of something. This is completely normal and will stop as soon as you soften the exhale or return to your normal breath.

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Breathe to get better at living and to be a better version of yourself.


Breath Hub

Why would I do breathwork?

Breathwork helps to reveal the deeper layers we all use to protect ourselves with. It can help you reconnect with your true essence. Whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety or fear, grief, anger or joy, it can help you find clarity and calmness, therefore helping you feel more grounded and a deeper sense of connection with yourself and others. It is a safe way to release any tension or emotion that we may have been consciously or unconsciously holding onto over the years.

Still got questions?

Feel free to email me with your questions.


As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated for anyone thinking of practicing the Conscious Connected Breath in either a group setting or for an individual session.


  • Epilepsy

  • Detached Retina

  • Glaucoma

  • Prior strokes or seizures

  • Pregnancy 

  • Asthma (if you have asthma you can participate but you must have your inhaler available)

  • Prior diagnosis by a health professional of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia

  • Psychotic or borderline psychotic states

  • Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release.

Please e-mail me at if you are at all unsure whether one or more of the above apply to you.



Sarah P.

A beautiful experience I would recommend everyone in the world to have, and have the guideance to reconnect with the breath and release whatever weight you carry in your body. See you at the next workshop!


A holistic experience, that for me felt far more immersive than other breathwork sessions that I had participated in previously. Throughout I felt secure and attended to, which made the session have a profound effect on my wellbeing. I highly recommend Pete's sessions.


Another breathwork experience in Ericeira, a place that embraced me, allowed me to stop, breathe, reconnect, heal, readjust the sails and follow another path. Thank you, Pete.

Pete's drum_2.jpeg

As a yoga teacher trainee and someone generally curious about various kinds of healing practices, I had done some breathwork before meeting Pete for the first time. My Shamanic breathing session with him was something very different than everything else I had experienced before. It was simply the most profound, magical, and transparent experience I had in my life. I will never forget that day as it forever changed my concept of what can be physically, mentally and emotionally experienced as a human and opened up a very peculiar, beautiful door to a world I want to keep exploring: my own and everyone/everything else's. Pete, thank you so much for your kindness, support, presence and generosity in every moment of the journey.


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